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Native Studies Research Colloquium — Lynn Stephen, “Transborder Gendered Violence and Resistance: Indigenous Women Migrants Seeking U.S. Asylum”

December 1, 2014
12:00 pmto1:30 pm
Lynn Stephen / photo by Jack Liu.

Lynn Stephen / photo by Jack Liu.

Many Nations Longhouse
1630 Columbia St.
UO campus
Free & open to the public
(Bring Your Own Lunch)

“Transborder Gendered Violence and Resistance: Indigenous Women Migrants Seeking U.S. Asylum”

a talk by Dr. Lynn Stephen, Distinguished Professor of Arts and Sciences, Department of Anthropology, and Director of the Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies (CLLAS) at the University of Oregon

Professor Lynn Stephen’s scholarly work has centered the impact of globalization, migration, nationalism and the politics of culture on indigenous communities in the Americas. Her multi-leveled approach, which engages political-economy, ethnohistory, and ethnography, has provided a hemispheric lens on major challenges faced by indigenous peoples such as out-migration, tourism, economic development, and low-intensity war and their creative responses to these challenges. › Continue reading

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Globalization, Gender, and Development Conference

October 23, 2014
5:00 pmto6:00 pm
October 24, 2014
4:00 pmto7:30 pm

Gender-and-Development-Poster_WEBThese events open to the public. See Conference Website for more information.

SCHEDULE Highlights

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 

5:00pm              Keynote address with Irene Tinker and Jane Jaquette: Women, Gender and Development: Past Insights, Future Possibilities: 30 minute talk with 15-20 minutes for questions/comments (open to the public; Knight Library Browsing Room)

Friday, October 24th, 2014

4:00-5:45pm       Panel 4: Gender, Migration and Care Work: Paid and Unpaid  (open to the public; Ford Lecture Hall, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art)

  • Chair: Lynn Stephen
  • Discussant: Lynn Fujiwara
  • Presenters
    • Kristin Yarris: Between Love and Money: Grandmothers, Remittances, and the Moral Economies of Care in Nicaraguan Transnational Families
    • Grace Chang: The Damayan Diaries
    • Elena Shih: Humanitarian Investments or Filial Remittances: Moral Economies of Life After Trafficking in China and Thailand
    • Leisy Abrego: Sacrificing for the Family: Migrant Mothers Facing Gendered Opportunities and Expectations to Remit

› Continue reading

Critical Ethnographies: a graduate student workshop with Jafari Sinclaire Allen

March 10, 2015
12:00 pmto1:30 pm
Jafari Allen

Jafari Allen

Jane Grant Conference Room
330 Hendricks Hall
1408 University St.

Lunch provided. Space limited to first 15 people. Please RSVP to

Dr. Jafari Sinclaire Allen is the author of the critical ethnography, ¡Venceremos?: The Erotics of Black Self-Making in Cuba [Perverse Modernities series, Duke University Press, Fall 2011], and editor of Black/Queer/Diaspora, a special issue of GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies. His current research project, tentatively entitled “Black Queer Here and There: Movement and Sociality,” traces cultural and political circuits of transnational queer desire—in travel, tourism, (im)migration, art and activism.

He will also give a talk on “Black/Queer Here & There: Ethnography of An Idea” in the EMU Gumwood Room at 5 p.m. March 11, 2015.

Ana-Maurine Lara: “LGBT Performances of the Human”

February 12, 2015
4:00 pmto5:30 pm

Ana_Lara_flyer140 Allen Hall
1020 University St.
UO campus

CLLAS Visiting Scholar Presentation

“LGBT Performances of the Human,” with Ana-Maurine Lara. “In this talk, I will discuss Dominican LGBT activists’ articulations of human-ness through performance and the production of memory in Santo Domingo.”

Ana-Maurine Lara, PhD is a Visiting Scholar with the University of Oregon Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies. Her research focuses on GLBT political activism and Catholic coloniality in the Dominican Republic. She is an award-winning novelist and poet. Her novels include Erzulie’s Skirt (RedBone Press 2006) and When the Sun Once Again Sang to the People (KRK Ediciones 2011); her short stories and poems have been featured in numerous anthologies and literary magazines. Her published scholarship engages topics on Afro-Latin@ and Afro-Diasporic queer identities and aesthetics.

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Cuban Filmmaker Marilyn Solaya to Present Her Documentary “In the Wrong Body”

October 3, 2013
4:00 pmto5:30 pm
October 4, 2013
9:00 amto10:30 am

In-the-Wrong-Body“In The Wrong Body” tells the story of Mavi Susel, who underwent Cuba’s first gender reassignment operation in 1988. In addition this documentary explores such timely issues as the meaning of femininity in the macho and patriarchal society of Cuba.

Thursday Oct. 3: 4-5:30 p.m.

Public screening of documentary “In The Wrong Body” (RT 52 minutes) followed by Q/A with Cuban filmmaker Marilyn Solaya. Place Allen Hall, Room 141.

Friday Oct.4: 9-10:30 a.m.

Breakfast (workshop/conversation—330 Hendricks Hall, Jane Grant Conference Room) with the Center for the Study of Women in Society’s sponsoring research interest group (RIG) and special project members and/or faculty and grad students (Américas RIG, Queering Academic Studies RIG, and Women of Color Project). Director Solaya will discuss the role of gender in Cuban society both from a historical and feminist perspective. She also will address what it means to be a feminist filmmaker in contemporary Cuba.

Sponsored by the Center for the Study of Women in Society Women of Color Project, CSWS Américas RIG, CSWS Queering Academic Studies RIG, and cosponsored by the Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies.

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