UO campus
Trans-American Experience Program
More info: http://philosophy.uoregon.edu/2015/07/30/transamerican-experience-conference-call-for-papers/

transamericaconf_imageThis conference aims to explore the pluriversal spaces for thought that one finds in the Americas and the way these may be brought together in diverse crossings, encounters, and dialogues. The Call for Papers deadline was Sept. 1. Papers range from the exploration of the various traditions of thought that compose Latin American, Caribbean, and North American philosophy and the way these interconnect, to engaging traditions and ways of thought not often recognized within the discipline of philosophy, such as indigenous thought, literature, music, the arts, and popular culture in transformative dialogue with philosophy. Accepted papers will be considered for publication in a special issue of The Inter-American Journal of Philosophy.  Paper proposals of 500 words were to be sent to: avallega@uoregon.edu and spratt@uoregon.edu

Speakers include:

  • Maria Acosta (De Paul University)
  • Linda Alcoff (CUNY)
  • Ramón Grosfoguel (UC Berkeley)
  • Maria Lugones (SUNY Binghamton)
  • Eduardo Mendieta (Penn State University)
  • Gregory Pappas (Texas A &M)
  • Omar Rivera (Southwestern University)
  • Elena Flores Ruíz (University of Florida Gulf Coast)
  • Carlos Sanchez  (San Jose State University)
  • Nancy Tuana (Penn State University)
  • José-Antonio Orosco (OSU)

Contact: Alejandro Vallega, UO Department of Philosophy