Borders, Migration, and Belonging: Wayne Morse Center’s new theme beginning Fall 2017

The Wayne Morse Center’s new theme, which begins in Fall 2017, will be

blue-wmc-logoThe Wayne Morse Center offers ongoing support for faculty and graduate student research through its Resident Scholar and Graduate Student Research Fellowship programs. (Applications for those are due on January 9, 2017.) The Center also offers Project Grants to community organizations, university faculty and departments, and student organizations to support educational events and activities related to the Center’s theme of inquiry. (Applications for those are due on January 24, 2017.) Detailed information about all of these can be found here:

Most proposals can address either the Wayne Morse Center’s theme of inquiry or a variety of other topics related to law and politics, broadly defined. Information about the 2017-2019 theme can be found

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Upcoming Events

3/9/23: Creating Californios: Masculinity and Localized Liberalism in Mexican California, 1800-1850, 3:30-4:30pm, location: EMU Diamond Lake Room

3/10/23: Faculty Grant Information Session, 12-1pm, location: Remote

4/13: Graduate Student Research Colloquium, 330-5pm, location: Gerlinger Alumni Lounge

6/1: Undergraduate Awards Ceremony, 4pm, location: TBD