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Below are some examples of questions that were asked on the surveys to gather valuable insights into the experiences and perceptions of Latinx students in Bethel School District.

1. How often do you feel a sense of belonging at school?
2. Have you ever experienced bullying or harassment at school? If so, how often?
3. How often do you feel respected by your peers?
4. How often do you feel encouraged to pursue higher education?
5. How connected do you feel to your school community?
6. Have you ever felt like you don’t belong at school because of your race, ethnicity, or cultural background?
7. How often do you see yourself reflected in the curriculum or classroom materials?
8. How would you rate the support you receive from teachers and staff?
9. Have you ever experienced discrimination or bias at school?
10. How do you think your school could better support Latinx students like you?