Daniel Tichenor
Daniel Tichenor

September 19, 2016—“UO political scientist Dan Tichenor recently kicked off a new radio program focusing on university research, speaking for almost a half hour on the history of immigration debates in the United States.

“Tichenor, the Philip H. Knight Chair of Political Science at the UO, appeared on the Jefferson Public Radio show CURIOUS/Research Meets Radio. He discussed the history of immigration law.

“Although immigration has been a hot-button issue in the current election cycle, Tichenor pointed out that the subject has a long history of controversy in the U.S.

“‘We’ve actually been debating this since the founding of the republic,’ he said. ‘This is something we’ve kind of wrestled with as a country for decades.’”

For the full interview, see “CURIOUS: Immigration Law in History” on the Jefferson Public Radio website.

Source: UO professor discusses immigration on new radio program | Around the O