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Erb Memorial Union (EMU)
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An Indigenous Peoples in the Americas Event

A MIRROR TO OUR WORLD: Photo Exhibition & Presentation

Carlota Duarte, MFA, began the Chiapas Photography Project in 1992 to serve the indigenous Maya in Chiapas, the southernmost state in Mexico. Since then, over 300 indigenous men and women from different ethnic groups and religious backgrounds have learned how to use photography as a mode of personal artistic expression, and many have undertaken projects that celebrate and engage members of their communities. The CPP has gained recognition from the Mexican, American, and international press, the academic community, and the art world.

For more information regarding this exhibition, please contact The Americas in a Globalized World Initiative at uoamericas@uoregon.edu and to learn more about the Chiapas Photography Project, please visit www.chiapasphoto.org

Sponsored by the Americas in a Globalized World Initiative | Cosponsored by the College of Arts & Sciences, the Office of Institutional Equity & Diversity, the Center for the Study of Women in Society, the Center for Latino/a & Latin American Studies (CLLAS), the Department of English, the Department of Ethnic Studies, the Northwest Indian Language Institute, the Honors College, the Latin American Studies Program, the Department of Education Studies, the Department of Anthropology, the Department of Linguistics, and the Department of Romance Languages.