Study finds microfinance can help, even if goals aren’t met | Around the O

Erin Beck

Editor’s Note: Erin Beck is a member of the CLLAS Executive Board.

Source: Study finds microfinance can help, even if goals aren’t met | Around the O

August 7, 2017—UO political scientist Erin Beck thinks development organizations aren’t asking the right questions if they want to truly understand what the money they spend trying to help lift poor people out of poverty around the globe is actually doing.

Her new book, How Development Projects Persist, outlines her takeaways from researching nongovernmental microfinance organizations for poor rural women in Guatemala and challenges standard ways of measuring the success of development projects. She argues that organizations rely too much on numbers and often overlook critical human interactions, which are not as easily measured but are central to understanding how development projects function and persist.

“We can’t just think about what the projects are doing for people but should also examine what people do for projects,” Beck said. “We need to look at how policies get transformed on the ground.” › Continue reading

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Volunteer Opportunity with Centro Latino Americano

Source: Volunteer Opportunity with Centro Latino Americano – University of Oregon

Monday, August 7 at 3:30pm

More dates through November 1, 2017

Centro Latino Americano

Centro Latino Americano is looking for volunteers who are interested in becoming Community Navigators. These are community members who receive specialized training to provide quality immigration information and services for their communities in an empowering and effective way. They are also liaisons between their community, legal service providers, social service organizations, and government representatives.

Your role will be to provide accurate information in your community (i.e. informational sessions after church, at school, or at your place of work, organizing in the community to defend or create pressure against the new administration’s actions, reporting victimization, etc), you will refer applicants to trusted legal service providers and community-based organizations, and are responsible for reporting victimization of immigrants by fraudulent “attorneys.”

If you are interested, please visit our webpage and contact Karla Schmidt Murillo (Community Navigator Organizer & Trainer) for more information and to set up an interview.

Email: karlasm@centrolatinoamericano.org

Website: http://centrolatinoamericano.org/2017/02/community-navigators-volunteer-opportunity-with-centro-latino-americano/


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UO Today: Prof. Christopher Chávez talks about research on Latinos and media

June 2, 2017—An interview on UO Today with CLLAS executive board member Christopher Chávez.

UO Today: Professor talks about research on Latinos and media | Around the O

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Es un tema latino, pero las fuentes de la prensa en inglés no son latinas – The Washington Post

Ricardo Valencia analiza cómo se trató el tema de los niños migrantes en varios periódicos

Ricardo Valencia

Ricardo Valencia

Source: Es un tema latino, pero las fuentes de la prensa en inglés no son latinas – The Washington Post — April 3, 2017

CLLAS graduate student grantee Ricardo Valencia, a PhD candidate in the UO School of Journalism and Communication, was recently interviewed about his research on undocumented children for El Tiempo Latino, the Washington Post’s Spanish-language supplement.

Valencia gave a talk on campus in late January about his research, “At the Border: A comparative analysis of U.S.newspaper reporting about unaccompanied immigrant children.”

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Freedom Fighter | Stricken by refugees’ plight, anthropologist gets involved

Lynn Stephen, professor of anthropology and codirector of CLLAS, combines her research and the refugees’ stories into a powerful petition for political asylum. Read about her work as an expert witness for more than two-dozen refugees from Mexico and Guatemala in: Freedom Fighter | Cascade: University of Oregon College of Arts and Sciences.

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CLLAS Graduate Student Grantee Presentation: Theresa Gildner, Anthropology

November 19, 2015
3:00 pmto4:30 pm

Theresa-Gildner_Indigenous-Shuar-Research-PresentationOak Room
Erb Memorial Union
1222 E. 13th Ave.

Diurnal Testosterone Variation Among Indigenous Shuar Men from Amazonian Ecuador

Theresa Gildner, a PhD candidate in the UO Department of Anthropology, received a 2015 CLLAS Graduate Student Research Award for her research on the Shuar in Ecuador.

  • Theresa Gildner, PhD candidate, Department of Anthropology, Abstract: Lifestyle change, hormone levels, and parasitic disease risk among the Shuar in Ecuador—This study examines how hormone levels and economic change influence parasitic infection by comparing rural and urban areas with respect to testosterone profiles and parasite load as part of the Shuar Health and Life History Project. The results will clarify associations between lifestyle change, hormone levels, and parasitic disease risk and will also help target public health strategies and produce knowledge that will be used to help alleviate the physical suffering of participant communities.

2017 Latino Roots Celebration

Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies Gift Fund

Access the above link for giving to the Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies Gift Fund. Online gifts may be made using the form available at this link; all gifts are processed by the University of Oregon Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization responsible for receiving and administering private donations to the University of Oregon.



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