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Spring 2021 CLLAS Notes

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Spring 2020 CLLAS Notes

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Winter 2020 CLLAS Notes

  • Letter from Director, Gabriela Martínez
  • “Poet Melissa Lozada-Oliva a Big Hit with UO Students”
  • Graduate Research—“Transmission of Traditional Botanical Knowledge among the Shuar of Amazonian Ecuador”
  • Graduate Research—“Recalling Runaways: Studies of Slavery and Absenteeism in Cuba”
  • Graduate Research—“The Struggle Continues: Gender-based Violence and the Politics of Justice and Care in Urban Brazil”
  • Faculty Research—“Decolonial Environmentalisms: Race, Genre, and Latinx Literature”
  • News & Book Notes
  • Event Reports

Spring 2019 CLLAS Notes

  • Letter from the Interim Director, Carlos Aguirre
  • “Justice and Reparation in Guatemala”—Judge Yassmin Barrios gave a lecture on campus about her experiences as an advocate for justice & human rights in Guatemala
  • “Lynn Stephen Completes Her Tenure as LASA President”
  • Faculty Research—“Strugging with Sustainability: Guarayo Cultural and Environmental Management Challenges”
  • Graduate Research—“Responses to Gendered Violence in Costa Rica and Guatemala”
  • Graduate Research—“Sounds of Power: Peruvian colonial pipe organs in the interplay of cultures”
  • Graduate Research—“Environmental Justice and the Local Effects of Glacier Melt in the Peruvian Cordillera Huayhuash”
  • News & Book Notes
  • Event Reports
  • 2019-20 Grant Recipients

Winter 2019 CLLAS Notes

  • Director’s Letter
  • Greetings from the Interim Director
  • CLLAS Teach-In with Film Director Peter Bratt
  • The Carnaval Shines a Spotlight on Latinx Theatre
  • Indigenous Maya Labor in a Site of World Heritage
  • Indigeneity and Mobilization in Lowland Bolivia
  • Immigrant Latina Survivors of Partner Violence and Work
  • News & Book Notes
  • Upcoming events



Spring 2018 CLLAS_Notes

  • Director’s Letter
  • 2018 CLLAS Symposium: Justice Across Borders
  • UO Puerto Rico Project: Hurricane Maria and Its Aftermath
  • Developing a Disability Legal Consciousness
  • Uses of the Copal Tree in Zapotec Oaxaca
  • Creating Communities of Welcome: Understanding Motives to Assist Migrants and Refugees in a Hostile Era
  • Dreamers Working Group Report
  • News & Book Notes



Winter 2018 CLLAS_Notes

  • Director’s Letter
  • Jose Antonia Vargas: In Conversation with Chris Chavez at CLLAS Town Hall
  • Activism or Extractivism? Indigenous Land Struggles in Eastern Bolivia
  • Gender, Indigeneity, and Activism: An Intergenerational Look at Indigenous Women’s Organizing in Manaus, Brazil
  • Contemporary Displacement Patterns and Responses: Haitians at the U.S.-Mexico Bord
  • News & Book Notes



Spring 2017_CLLAS_Notes

  • Director’s Letter
  • Students Document Latino Roots
  • Research Awards
  • The Price of Progress: Guatemala and the U.S. in the 1960s
  • Indigenous Adaptation fo Mining-Related Infrastructure in the Amazon Rain Forest of Ecuador
  • Afro-Indigenous Women Healers in the Caribbean and Its Diasporas
  • News & Book Notes




Winter 2017 CLLAS Notes

  • Director’s Letter
  • Mexican Dream
  • New to Campus: Faculty & staff profiles
  • Book Notes
  • Criminal Alien-Nations: Deportation and Navigating Northern Mexico
  • Journalistic Coverage on Unaccompanied Children
  • RAP Updates




Spring 2016 CLLAS Notes

  • Director’s Letter
  • Artist Visit: Hector Villegas & Chicano Park
  • Strengthening Networks of Support among Latin@ Students at UO
  • Reyna Grande keynote
  • Lidiana Soto tells her border story
  • Anabel Lopez-Salina: Visiting Scholar
    • New faculty books & film




Winter 2016 CLLAS_Notes

  • Director’s Letter
  • Latina/os and K-12 Education symposium report
  • Research Action Project updates
  • Re-Thinking Open Spaces: making the City of Eugene’s parks and community centers a more welcoming and inclusive place for its growing Latino population.
  • Enrique Chagoya: Adventures of Modernist Cannibals
  • Graduate Research: Lifestyle change, hormone levels, and parasitic disease risk among the Shuar in Ecuador
  • New faculty books & film




  • Director’s Letter
  • Testimonials & film synopses from Latino Roots students
  • Research on an indigenous Amazonian language
  • Immigration and gendered violence
  • Latino parental engagement in Oregon dual language schools
  • Oregon Latina/o high school students and equity
  • Reflections from the CLLAS Scholar-in-Residence
  • News, books, & updates


Winter_2015_CLLASNotes_coverWinter_2015_CLLAS Notes

  • Director’s Letter
  • Zapotec Hip Hop Artist Mare Performs at Beall Hall
  • Students Benefit from Innovative Partnership on Cultural Competency
  • Havana Hip Hop
  • Empowering Oregon Latinos: The Latino Civic Participation Project
  • CLLAS Scholar-in-Residence Is Also a Literary Artist
  • CLLAS Symposium: “Public Engagement in Latin@ and Latin American Studies at UO” and more upcoming events

0514_CLLAS_Notes_cover 0514_CLLAS_Notes_WEB    Highlights include:

  • CLLAS receives stable funding from UO through base budgeting
  • César Chávez Victoria, a graphic artist from Oaxaca, Mexico, delivers a full package during his 4-day UO residency
  • Genocide Grant Brings two Scholars to Campus
  • Pulitzer-Prize Winning Journalist Hector Tobar Inspires a Packed Audience
  • Graduate and Collaborative Research Projects detail farmworker testimony; traditional building vs. concrete block in Guatemala; inhibitory control in the bilingual brain.



Winter 2014 CLLAS_Notes

  • Director Lynn Stephen and Associate Director Gerardo Sandoval share new action-oriented CLLAS projects.
  • News about CLLAS-related celebrations and publications, including books and documentaries by CLLAS associates.
  • Reports from faculty  and student grantees on their CLLAS-funded research, including civic engagement in Medford, Oregon; impacts of education in Guatemalan women’s microcredit programs; implications of free trade on women in Colombia’s cut flower industry; a historical look at the North American Spanish borderlands of Florida; and more.


 0513_CLLAS_Notes_coverSpring 2013_CLLAS_Notes

  • Director’s Letter—Director Lynn Stephen reviews the activities and development of CLLAS during academic year 2012-13, including the securement of continued funding for CLLAS and the selection of two associate directors.
  • Project reports from students of the 2013 winter/spring Latino Roots class—three students write about their work on oral history documentaries.
  • Vision statements from new CLLAS associate directors Lise Nelson and Gerardo Sandoval.
  • Reports from faculty and student grantees on their CLLAS-funded research.


  • CLLAS Impact Report
  • US Department of Education Grant to Boost Latin American Studies at UO
  • Revised PCUN History Book Released in Conjunction with the Opening of CAPACES Leadership Institute
  • Reports from CLLAS Graduate Student Grantees
  • Launching of the Intercultural Competency Program for Graduate Students
  • News and update


Spring 2012_CLLAS_Notes

  • “From the Director”—a letter from interim director David Vázquez
  • UO-UNAM Draw Closer to Historic Exchange Program
  • Afro-Latin@ Studies at UO
  • UO to Help Sift Records for Evidence in Guatemalan War Atrocities
  • Juventud FACETA and UO Researchers Collaborate to Investigate Links between Racism and Health among Latinos in the Eugene/Springfield Area


a Winter_2012_CLLAS_newsletter

  • “The Oregon Latino Heritage Collaborative”—News about the historic partnership between UO and PCUN
  • CLLAS Graduate Student Research Grants—“The Political Economy of Land Conflict in a Transborder Oaxacan Community” and “Huerto de la Familia”
  • Event reports on Spain and Latin America through Contemporary Poetry; Indigenous Language Revitalization; Chiapas Photography Project; and Models of Indigenous Education
  • Students Tour One of Oregon’s Largest Latino Businesses


Spring_2011_CLLAS_newsletter This fourth edition of  CLLAS Notes includes:

      • “From the Director”—a letter from Lynn Stephen
      • “Documenting Latino Roots”—Oral history project takes off in the classroom: project notes from four students
      • “Reporting on CLLAS Graduate Student Research Grants”
      • “Sustaining Latino Small Businesses in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon”
      • “English professor David Vázquez Named Interim CLLAS Director”


Winter_2011_CLLAS_newsletter This third edition of  CLLAS Notes includes:

      • “Collaborations—Working with Others for the Greater Good”—a letter from CLLAS director Lynn Stephen
      • “Building New Leadership at PCUN”—Oregon’s Farmworker Movement Plans for the Future
      • “Reporting on CLLAS Graduate Student Research Grants”
      • “Assessing Community Leaders’ Views on Immigrant-Community Relations”


Spring 2010 CLLAS newsletter This second edition of  CLLAS Notes includes:

      • “A Groundbreaking Pilot Study”—CLLAS-funded research gleans valuable information about Latino students at UO
      • “CLLAS Kickoff Celebration”
      • “Latino Roots in Oregon: A Documentary Film Project”
      • CLLAS grantees announced for the 2010-11 academic year
      • CLLAS News and Update


Winter 2010 CLLAS newsletter This first edition of CLLAS Notes includes:

      • “A New UO Research Center”—news about the origins of CLLAS by director Lynn Stephen
      • “Witnessing a Social Movement”—the “Making Rights a Reality” digital ethnography website about the 2006 Oaxaca social movement
      • “Mexican Masculinities in Dispute: Popular Icons of the Borderlands”
      • “Community, Banking, Conflict and Cooperation in Nicaragua” by Elias Meyer

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