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Senior Career Instructor of Spanish Heather Quarles and Latin American Studies Librarian Bronwen Maxson developed a UO campus map in Spanish

Senior Career Instructor of Spanish Heather Quarles and Latin American Studies Librarian Bronwen Maxson developed a UO campus map in Spanish in Spring 2020 as part of a term long collaborative exercise with two Spanish 228 classes. The SPAN 228 students translated the initial set of 519 labels that we received from the Campus Mapping & GIS office.

Quarles and Maxson also reviewed and updated an additional 262 terms following the SPAN 228 student-developed translation guide. They hope to have students review their work during a future course.

Learn more about this important work by following the links below:

Maxson, B. K. (2020, May 8). Mapping Latinx at UO: Translating UO Campus Maps to Spanish. UO Libraries Instruction & Engagement Blog. https://blogs.uoregon.edu/libraryinstruction/2020/05/08/mapping-latinx-at-uo/

Elliot, M. (2020, August 18). Breaking down barriers: UO students and staff translate campus maps into Spanish. Daily Emerald. https://www.dailyemerald.com/news/breaking-down-barriers-uo-students-and-staff-translate-campus-maps-into-spanish/article_c8cf4900-e0f1-11ea-a4c2-8b406314d17a.html

Halnon, E. (2020, July 28). New maps make campus more accessible to Latinx community. Around the O.  https://around.uoregon.edu/content/new-maps-make-campus-more-accessible-latinx-community

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