May 7th. 12-5pm, Knight Library Browsing Rm

Symposium schedule

1:15pm Introduction: Stephanie LeMenager, Marsha Weisiger, David Vazquez

1:30-3pm Rethinking Race/Ethnicity in the Anthropocene
Moderators: David Vazquez, Sarah Wald
Roundtable: [10 minute presentations, then moderated discussion] Naveeda Khan (Johns Hopkins U), Julie Minich (U Texas Austin), Julie Bacon (U of Oregon), Jennifer James (George Washington U)
Provocateur/audience member with a question: April Anson (U of Oregon)

3:30-4pm. Keynote Address: Julie Sze (UC-Davis)

4pm-4:30. Structured Conversation with Julie Sze: Kari Norgaard (U of Oregon), Nicolae Morar (U of Oregon), Taylor McHolm (U of Oregon)

4:30-5:00. Q and A with Julie Sze, Kari Norgaard, Nicolae Morar, Taylor McHolm

May 8th, 11-5pm, Gerlinger Lounge

11-12:30 Historical Perspectives on the Anthropocene
Moderators: Marsha Weisiger, Matt Dennis
Roundtable: (10 minute presentations, then moderated discussion)
Bob Wilson (Syracuse U), Dan Platt (U of Oregon), Nancy Langston
(Michigan Tech University), Robert Figueroa (Oregon State U)

12:30-1:30 Lunch Break

1:30-3 Science and Climate Justice
Moderators: Mark Carey, Stephanie LeMenager
Roundtable: (10 minute presentations, then moderated discussion]
Megan Fernandes (Concordia U), Janet Fiskio (Oberlin College), Anne
Nolin (Oregon State U), Terry Hunt (U of Oregon)

Provocateur: Jenny Crayne (U of Oregon)

3:30-4. Keynote: Ricardo Dominguez

4-4:30. Structured Conversation with Ricardo Dominguez: Tara Fickle,
Gerardo Sandoval, Amy Harwood (Signal Fire)

4:30-5. Q and A with Ricardo Dominguez, Tara Fickle, Gerardo Sandoval,
Amy Harwood

Saturday, May 9th, 10am-12pm  ED 276, University of Oregon

Racial Justice and Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Justice: A Regional Panel of Community Organizers

Donita Sue Fry, Portland Youth & Elders Council (PYEC) Coordinator, Native American Youth Association; Sweetwater Nannauck, Director, Idle No More, Washington; Vivian Satterfield, Associate Director, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon.

Sponsored by: Dr. David J. Vázquez., Dr. Marsha Weisiger, Dr. Stephanie LeMenager, Environmental Studies, English, Ethnic Studies, CAS, Center for Latina/o and Latin American Studies, Center on Diversity and Community, History, Honors College, Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities, Romance Language, Women’s and Gender Studies.