CLLAS puts the study of Latino/a and Latin American communities in conversation with one another and with the state of Oregon. A knowledge center dedicated to public access and excellence through the integration of teaching, research, community engagement and dissemination, CLLAS is an integral part of the UO’s strategy to recruit, retain, and build alumnae relations with a diverse and energized group of students, faculty, staff, parents, and families and to connect the university locally, nationally, and globally. CLLAS facilitates collaborative research, scholarship, intellectual community, and community outreach focused on Latin America and U.S. Latino/a populations.

What We Offer

  • Funding for faculty and student research/projects related to Latina/o/x and Latin American Studies
  • Opportunities to connect with students, faculty, and community members within the field of Latina/o/x studies
  • Exciting, informative events that honor and celebrate Latina/o/x communities across Oregon, the U.S. and Latin America
  • Jobs and internships
  • Learn about Oregon’s rich Latino history through our “Latino Roots in Oregon” project, which offers a traveling exhibit (available for booking) as well as a “Latino Roots” course taught by Dr. Lynn Stephen and Dr. Gabriela Martínez (winter + spring). Psst! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our Latino Roots Celebration happening on June 6, from 4pm-6pm, in the EMU Ballroom.

2023 Award Recipients

Graduate Research Grants

Carolina Arredondo, Global Studies – “How a Community Health Clinic Responded to the War on Drugs: An Ethnographic Approach”  

Lidia Munoz Paniagua, Anthropology – “Con que tengamos vida y salud: Access to Healthcare for Vulnerable H2-A Farmworkers”

Rosa O’Connor Acevedo, Philosophy – “Racial and Gendered Discourses about Enslaved and Non-White Women in Puerto Rico” 

Sofia Vicente-Vidal, Anthropology – “Find Yourself in Tulum: Maya Service Workers and Luxury Wellness Tourism in a Pandemic Hotspot” 

Stephanie Morales Curiel, Linguistics – “Working Towards a Community Based Orthography Using Data on Variation for the San Lucas Quiavini Zapotec Communities”

Faculty Research Grants

Lawrence Sugiyama, Anthropology – “Documenting Traditional Ecological Knowledge among Indigenous Communities of Argentina”

Catalina de Onis, Honors College – “Stories of Survival and Perseverance: Puerto Ricans and Climate Justice beyond the Archipelago” 

Audrey Lucero, Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education – “Data study: A university-district partnership to analyze and act on student experience survey data”

Ernesto Martinez, Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies (IRES) – La Serenata (the Feature Film)” by Ernesto Martinez, Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies (IRES)

Undergraduate Grants

Kat Sincuir – Film: Y el amor triunfo

Iris Valenzuela – Booklet of poetry:Chingona Libro

Jennifer Linares Espinoza – Research Paper: How have Coca Cola products impacted Mexico and its society which includes government, religions and cultures in the 21st century? 

Allison Lake – Film Analysis: Death of a Bureaucrat

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