2022 Grant Recipients

Graduate Summer Research Grants

“Pero Con Ganas: Latinx testimonios on cultural wealth and overcoming microaggressions in schooling”

Bobbie Bermudez, Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education

“Understanding and Addressing Structural Barriers in the Healthcare System for Mam Indigenous Women in Oregon”

Veronica Garcia, Global Studies

Graduate Field Research Grants

“Community-Based Approach to Disability and Inclusion: Exploring the impact of civil society on inclusive education in Mexico”

Anastasia Grigoreva, Global Studies

“Body Mapping: A decolonial method towards intergenerational healing”

Carla Macal, Geography

“Visualizing Resistance: Activist mothers of LGBTQ+ people in Brazil”

Kaito Campos, Anthropology

Faculty Research Seed Grants

“The role of education policy in the schooling experiences of transnational Indigenous students in Oaxaca”

Ilana Umansky, Education Policy and Leadership

“Education and the Agrarian Question: A Multi-Sited Qualitative Analysis of Brazil’s Rural School Closure Crisis”

David Meek, Global Studies

Faculty Latinx Seed Grants

“Creating Californios: Maculinity, Localized Liberalism, and Nation in Mexican Californio, 1800-1850.”

Yvette Saavedra, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies