2024 Grant Recipients

Graduate Student Grants:

Liesl Cohn De Leon, Anthropology
Title: Migrant Memories of Guatemalan Maya Women in Oregon: Community and Identity Building in a New Territory
Audrey Sileci, Prevention Science
Title: Understanding the impact of a culturally-specified, community-based child protection program for caregivers in Honduras
Abraham Landa, Ethnomusicology
Title: Black Mexico: Music, Dance and the Construction of Afrodescendencia in Costa Chica
Gloria Macedo Janto, Romance Languages
Title: Narratives of resistance. Andean women in the discourses of political violence: Literature, cinema and testimony
Beatriz Mira, Media Studies
Title: Reporting on the Brazilian Atlantic Forest: Centering culture in environmental journalism
Salma Valadez Marquez, Romance Languages
Title: Amor Propio: Mexican Food and Culture Beyond the Fictions We’ve Been Fed CLLAS Graduate Student Research Grant Proposal

Faculty Grants:

Kristin Yarris, Global Studies
Tobin Hansen, Clark Honors College
Title: Witnessing Immigration Injustice: Art, Memory, and Activism with Hostile Terrain ‘94
Alai Reyes-Santos, School of Law
Title: Borifuturos Campesinos
Yvette Saavedra, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Title: Chicana Lesbi-Queer Feminisms: Locating the Chicana Lesbi-Queer Imaginary in Chicana/o Studies
Adriana Miramontes Olivas, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
Lynn Stephen, Anthropology
Gabriela Martínez, School of Journalism and Communication
Title: Necroarchivos de las Americas

Outstanding Undergraduate Awards:

Diego Solorio
Script: Chupacabra
Zoë McKeehan
Honors Thesis: La Cohesion de la Comunidad y la Coexistencia de Diferentes Religiones en el Pueblo de Huilloc
Skye Grubb
Project Title: Paño Art – Beyond the Success Story: An Exploration of the Community, Care, and Testimonios of Incarcerated Chicano Men

Sebastian Ibanez Sanhueza
Project Title: Medical Interpretation and the Art of Storytelling: Improving Cultural Representation and Closing the Gap between Language Barriers

Honorable Mentions: 

Graciela Sastre
Essay: La Complejidad de la Identidad: Un Análisis de Interseccionalidad en Gentefied

Lily Minu-Sepehr
Project: ‘The House on Mango Street’: Understanding and Articulating the Self through Testimonio, ‘Theory in the Flesh,’ and Storytelling