La_Muerte_flyerJordan Schnitzer Museum of Art (JSMA)
1430 Johnson Lane
UO campus

This popular annual celebration has been expanded to include two extra evenings this year. Each of the four nights will include dancing, poetry, and live music by the Guanaxtecos from Sierra de Guanajuato, two special exhibitions commemorating the 100th anniversary of José Guadalupe Posada’s death, and workshops with Mexican artist Martín Guevara Luna in the art studio. An ofrenda, constructed by local students to celebrate the holiday, will be on view October 29-November 2. The event is co-sponsored by Oak Hill School in conjunction with MEChA de UO, Adelante Sí, el Instituto de Cultura de Guanajuato, and el Instituto Estatal del Migrante Guanajuatense y sus familias.