Eugene Friends Meeting House
2274 Onyx Street
Eugene, OR

Presenters: Rev. Ismael Moreno Coto, SJ and Lucy Edwards

Honduran Jesuit priest Ismael Moreno Coto, known as Padre Melo, has been on the receiving end of death threats and intimidation in a country that is the murder capital of the world and at the center of the U.S. government’s war on drugs. He is director of Radio Progreso, a radio network that covers northern Honduras. Thirty journalists have been among the hundreds of assassinated in Honduras since the 2009 coup d’état, yet Honduras is virtually invisible to U.S. citizens.

Ashland resident Lucy Edwards has been doing human rights accompaniment in Honduras since 2010. One of the people she has accompanied in Honduras is Padre Melo. Padre Melo and Lucy Edwards will speak in Eugene on Tuesday, April 2, at 7 pm at the Eugene Friends Meeting House, 2274 Onyx St. The event is free and open to the public. Donations welcome.

Rev. Ismael Moreno Coto, SJ is from El Progreso, Honduras. He is director of Radio Progreso and a Jesuit research and social action center known by its acronym ERIC. He is from the Central American Province of Jesuits and worked in El Salvador after his colleagues and friends (six priests, their housekeeper and her daughter) were murdered at the Jesuit residence on the campus of the University of Central America (UCA), San Salvador. The murders were committed by U.S.-trained Salvadoran soldiers on November 16, 1989.

Lucy Edwards is an international human rights volunteer with PROAH, the Honduras Accompaniment Project. She lived in Nicaragua with Witness for Peace from 1985-87, and is on the national board of Witness for Peace. She is former News Director at Jefferson Public Radio (1996-2002).


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