Graduate Student Lounge
Susan Campbell Hall
1431 Johnson Lane

CLLAS invites junior faculty to a publishing workshop with Gisela Fosado, Duke University Press Editor for Anthropology, History, Latin American Studies, Social Movements, Gender Studies, Environmental Studies, and Latino Studies.

This workshop will cover some of the common challenges of turning the dissertation into a first book (some of which also tend to crop up in the second book), the complicated state of the publishing industry and trends that are emerging in publishing scholarly books. These trends speak to what might be the state of scholarly publishing in 10 or so years. The workshop will also cover books with integral digital content, including discussion on gender and newer publication formats. Dr. Fosado will speak for 40 minutes and leave more than an hour for questions. Please come with specific questions for the workshop. RSVP required: cllas(at)

This workshop is sponsored by CLLAS, the UO Center for the Study of Women in Society, and the UO Center on Diversity and Community (CoDaC).