cinelitfinalCine-Lit VIII, Hispanic Cinema and Literature Conference, is an exciting and unique cultural and academic collaboration between Oregon State, Portland State and the University of Oregon. In February 2015, the Hispanic cinema and literature conference, known as Cine-Lit, will be celebrating its eighth meeting. For schedule, registration and full details, go to:

Cine-Lit is a continuing, cooperative organization created by the Departments of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Oregon State University, Portland State University, and the University of Oregon that, in conjunction with the Portland International Film Festival, organizes an international symposium on Hispanic film and fiction every three years. Since its conception in 1990, the global objective of the Cine-Lit has been twofold. Our primary goal is to provide academic fora dedicated to the critical analysis of the relationship between Hispanic culture, cinematography, and fiction. The project’s other endeavor is to promote the enrichment of a broad spectrum of the Oregon population’s comprehension of the Hispanic world’s diverse cultures via the viewing of the most recent Hispanic films at the Portland International Film Festival and direct contact with Hispanic cineastes and writers at the symposia, screenings, and local college campuses.

The conference represents a unique and dynamic venue in which UO faculty and students can meet and engage in intellectual conversation with internationally known filmmakers, directors, screenwriters, and cinema and literary studies specialists. The conference will also provide an international venue for our graduate students (and faculty) in Spanish, Comparative Literature, and Cinema Studies to present papers and perhaps have their interventions published in the conference proceedings, now considered one of the most prestigious collections of essays on Hispanic cinema and literature.

More than a dozen UO graduate students and faculty will participate in the conference. This year we will devote a special session to the documentary films of the UO’s own Gabriela Martínez (Peru), associate professor in the UO’s School of Journalism and Communication and associate director, UO Center for the Study of Women in Society. Gabriela Martínez is an international award-winning documentary filmmaker who has produced, directed or edited more than ten ethnographic and social documentaries, including Ñakaj, Textiles in the Southern Andes, Mamacoca, and Qoyllur Rit’i: A Woman’s Journey. Her experience as a documentary maker and researcher gives Martínez a unique and broad approach for the teaching and sharing of theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on production skills. She will present her latest documentary, Keep Your Eyes on Guatemala, at the White Stag on February 21, 2015, followed by and Q and A. The late afternoon will include a roundtable with invited filmmakers as well as a reception at the White Stag.

Invited filmmakers include:

  • Juan Carlos Valdivia (Bolivia)
  • Javier Corcuera (Peru)
  • Mariana Chenillo (Mexico)
  • Celina Murga (Argentina)
  • Mariano Barroso (Spain)

For more information:

  • Conference director: Gina Herrmann, Romance Languages (