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CLLAS Grad Grantee Presentation

Amy Price is a graduate student in the UO Department of International Studies. Her project examines gendered issues in development and free trade by studying the impact of the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement and the Labor Action Plan on women workers in the cut flower industry. The research documents the effects experienced on the ground since the passage of the free trade agreement in Colombia. Preliminary findings counter narratives of the U.S. and Colombian governments that claim free trade and a commitment to labor rights have resulted in improvements for workers. This project also looks at barriers to women’s participation in unions and explores other forms of social mobilization within the flower sector. It seeks to provide an analysis of how global processes and local dynamics intersect and shape the experience of women workers in the context of Latin America.

Price’s background in sociology informs her research interests, which include gender, development, inequality, immigration, and labor. Prior to grad school, she worked for 13 years in a nonprofit organization for people with severe and persistent mental illness. She has volunteered for immigrant and refugee organizations and participated in several activist movements toward sustainable economies and social justice.