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Latin@s-Elección-2016_EspañolLatin@s and the 2016 Election: Policies, Immigration, & Action

This election season event allowed UO faculty and students to meet with people from a half dozen different community organizations to talk, strategize,  build relationships, and plan an agenda together. Meeting on campus at Straub Hall, “Latin@s and the 2016 Election: Policies, Immigration, and Action” drew an audience focused on exploring the current nature of the Latin@ electorate and the issues most relevant to this constituency.

Presenters included Larry Kleinman, head of National Initiatives, CAPACES Leadership Institute, and Antonio Huerta, Outreach Manager, Opportunities Program, University of Oregon. The event featured sessions on gender, immigration and deportation, and youth participation. Speakers also discussed the presidential candidates and their respective policy positions.

“People who don’t normally get together were afforded an opportunity to do so,” observed CLLAS co-director Lynn Stephen. She noted the presence of participants from the national Dreamers movement, and activists from Kids on the Border, Centro LatinoAmericano, CAUSA, and PCUN. “CLLAS was able to further our commitment, links, and relationships with these organizations,” she said.