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Other Latino and Latin America Links

  • The Americas in a Globalized World Initiative—An Interdisciplinary Project at the University of Oregon- http://uoamericas.uoregon.edu/
  • Border Angels – http://www.borderangels.org/
  • Center for Comparative Immigration Studies (CCIS) at UC San Diego has launched a new blog http://ccis.ucsd.edu/category/cir2013 that will provide analyses of the comprehensive immigration reform debate as it unfolds. The purpose of the CIR 2013 blog is to provide scholars and the public with analyses that speak directly to the question of whether comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) will pass in 2013. These analyses will use social science research methods to answer practical, policy-relevant questions.
  • Fray Bartolome de las Casas Human Rights Center – http://www.frayba.org.mx/index.php
  • The Latin American Information Agency- http://alainet.org/
  • The Latino Information Network at Rutgers University – http://oidi.rutgers.edu/about-us/latino-information-network-rutgers
  • Latino Roots in Oregon – http://latinoroots.uoregon.edu/
  • MADRE- http://www.madre.org/index.php?video=1
  • North American Congress on Latin America- https://nacla.org/
  • StoryCorps Historias – http://storycorps.org/historias/



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