CLLAS announces the Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Project in Latinx and/or Latin American-related issues in any field of study. The purpose of this award is to acknowledge academic excellence for outstanding undergraduate coursework. We welcome applicants from any major whose coursework focuses on Latinx and/or Latin American issues.  

We expect to award four prizes of $400 each to undergraduate students who have demonstrated excellence through an undergraduate thesis, research paper, capstone project, STEM project, or creative work. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • history  
  • ethnic identity 
  • immigration  
  • education  
  • mental health and well-being 
  • language and language use  
  • popular culture and media 
  • historical memory and human rights 
  • gender and sexualities 
  • Latinx literature, performances, or visual arts 
  • testimonies  
  • the impact of structural adjustment policies on local communities 
  • environmental and economic sustainability projects  
  • philosophical inquiries 
  • public health 
  • biology 
  • governmental or public policy 
  • sustainable business practices 
  • journalism 


Applicants must be enrolled undergraduate students at UO. The following are the criteria for submission: 

  • Projects for consideration must be connected to UO coursework in any field of study produced during Spring 2023, Fall 2023, or Winter 2024 terms  
  • The project must focus on a subject related or relevant to Latinx or Latin American matters 
  • Coursework for this program may include a thesis, research paper, capstone project, STEM project, or creative work such as a film, painting, fictional work, sculpture, performance, etc.  
  • Former recipients are not eligible 
  • The award is available to all students regardless of citizenship or visa status 
  • Recipients must agree to share their project with the UO and non-UO community through the CLLAS website or social media 
  • Recipients must agree to do a brief presentation of their project at the award ceremony sponsored by CLLAS on May 31st, 2024 at 4pm 

Submission process: 

Students and faculty are invited to submit student projects. 

If you are a student submitting your project: 

Please include along with your project a brief letter or statement indicating how your work is related to Latinx or Latin American issues, and its significance. Email both items to CLLAS at cllas@uoregon.edu. 

Ask for a brief letter of recommendation from the professor of the course in which your project/work was accomplished. The professor will need to email the recommendation directly to CLLAS at cllas@uoregon.edu. 

If you are faculty submitting/nominating a student project 

Please include the student project along with a brief letter of recommendation stating how this student project stands out and contributes to understandings of Latinx or Latin American issues. Please email this submission directly to CLLAS at cllas@uoregon.edu. 

Application deadline: 

Submissions must be emailed to cllas@uoregon.edu no later than Monday, April 8th. Applicants will be notified by Monday, May 6th.  

The Award Ceremony will be held on May 31st, 2024 at 4pm