2018-2019 Events

CLLAS Events 2018-19 

Fall Quarter 2018

• Teach-In, “Film and Activism,” Peter Bratt (Director, Film-Maker).

• Film-screening and discussion, “Dolores,” Peter Bratt.

• Graduate Student Mixer.

• Faculty & Staff Mixer.

Winter Quarter 2019

• “Town Hall with Mae Ngai,” presentation and discussion: Rocio Zambrana (Department of Philosophy).

• Professional Development Workshop, “Grant-Writing for Graduate Students,” Erin Beck (Political Science).

• Research Series Graduate Colloquium, “Latinx and Latin American Cultural Production & Resistance,” Olga Sánchez (Theatre Arts) and Natascha Reich (Musicology).

• Research Series Faculty Collaboration, “Struggling with Sustainability: Guarayo Cultural and Environmental Management Challenges,” Ed Wolf (Musicology) and Derrick Hindery (International Studies).

• Professional Development Workshop, “NEH Grant-Writing,” Stephanie Wood (Center for Equity Promotion).

• CLLAS Latinx Lecture, “Justice and Reparations in Guatemala,” Judge Yassmin Barrios (Guatemala Human Rights Tribunal).

• Latinx Studies Seed Grant, “The Femeniños Project: Literature and Visual Media for Queer Latino/x Youth,” Ernesto Martínez (Ethnic Studies).

• Latinx Studies Retreat, Latinx Studies In The Pacific Rim: Race, Gender And Environmental Justice,” Alaí Reyes-Santos (Ethnic Studies).

Spring Quarter 2019

• “Why are the Migrants Fleeing Honduras? Resistance, Terror, and the United States in the Aftermath of the Coup,” Dana Frank (Professor of History Emerita, University of California, Santa Cruz).

• Research Series Faculty Collaboration, “The Expression of the Latino/a Experience Through Album Cover Art: 1940-1990, a Conversation between Philip W. Scher and Pablo E. Yglesias, Co-curators of the Exhibition,” Philip Scher (Anthropology) and Pablo E. Yglesias (Artist, Writer, Musician).

• Research Series Graduate Colloquium, “Environmental Justice, Migration & Labor: Local/Global Implications,” Holly Moulton (Environmental Studies) and Diego Conteras (Sociology). Moderator: Mark Carey (Clark Honors College).

• Research Series Graduate Colloquium, “Identity, Labor & Agency in Chichén Itzá and the Bolivian Lowlands,” Sofia Videl (Anthropology) and Maria Pomes Lorences (International Studies). Moderator:  Derrick Hindery (International Studies).

• Research Series Graduate Colloquium, “Changing the Structures: Ending Gendered Violence in Guatemala & Promoting Scientific Diplomacy across the Americas,” Caitlin O’Quinn (Political Science) and Lourdes Ginart (Geography). Moderator:  Erin Beck (Political Science).