2016-17 Events

Fall Quarter 2016

  • “Mexican Dream,” documentary screening and discussion: Christopher Chávez (School of Journalism and Communications) and Daniel HoSang, (Political Science).
  • “Oregon Migration Symposium,” cosponsored event.
  • Graduate Student Mixer.

Winter Quarter 2017

  • Grant Writing Workshop for Graduate Students: Stephanie Wood (Center for Equity Promotion), Gabriela Martínez (School of Journalism and Communications), and Feather Crawford (History).
  • “Gender Justice in Guatemala,” CLLAS Faculty Collaboration Grantee Presentation: Lynn Stephen (Anthropology) and Erin Beck (Political Science).“Recreating Territories: Academic Input in the Struggle for Land,” CLLAS Graduate Student Grantee Presentation: Belén Norona (Geography).
  • CLLAS Faculty Mixer.
  • Tinker Info-Session: Eli Meyer (CLLAS) and Feather Crawford (History).
  • Dreamers, Ducks and DACA Info-Session: Ellen McWhirter (Counseling Psychology).
  • Teacher Workshop: Lynn Stephen (Anthropology) and Carmen Urbina (Oregon Center for Educational Equity).
  • Op-Ed Writing Workshop: Héctor Tobar (New York Times).
  • “! Art and the Disappeared in Latin America,” CLLAS RAP Work-in Progress Talk: Stephanie Wood (Center for Equity Promotion, College of Education) and Carlos Aguirre (History).

Spring Quarter 2017

  • “Immigration Policy and Coalition Building in the Age of Trump,” roundtable discussion: Larry Kleinman (National Initiatives for CAPACES Leadership Institute), Roberta Phillip-Robbins, J.D., (MRG Foundation), and Guadalupe Quinn, (Group Latino de Accion Directa de Lane County). Moderated by Dan Tichenor, (Political Science and the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics).
  • CLLAS Faculty Grant Proposal Workshop (Gabriela Martínez (School of Journalism and Communications).
  • “Achieving Justice: Gendered Violence, Displacement, and Legal Access in Guatemala and Oregon,” roundtable discussion: cosponsored event.
  • LAS/CLLAS Graduate Student Forum: Pedro García-Caro (Romance Languages).
  • “Afro-Aboriginal Women Healers in the Caribbean and its Diasporas,” CLLAS Faculty Collaboration Grantee Presentation: Alai Reyes-Santos (Ethnic Studies), Ana-Maurine Lara (Anthropology), Jannes Martinez (Priestess of Afro-Cuban Lukumi tradition), and Rebeca Hey-Colón’ (Colby College).
  • “Guatemala in the 1960s,” CLLAS Graduate Student Grantee Presentation: John Bedan (History).
  • “Child Migrants to the US Deported as ‘Criminal Alien’ Adults,” CLLAS Graduate Student Grantee Presentation: Tobin Hansen (Anthropology).
  • “Peripheral Mappings,” LALISA Conference, cosponsored event.
  • “Bartolomé de las Casas, First Critic of Modernity,” Bartolomé de las Casas Annual Lecture on Latin American Studies, cosponsored event.
  • Latino Roots Celebration.