Panel II: Human Rights and Social Memory

DVD_Guatemala_WEBHuman Rights and Social Memory

Participants in this panel will highlight research, teaching, and film production they have done in relation to the discovery and use of the National Police Archive in Guatemala.

Discovered in 2005, the National Police Archive is an extensive resource for the study of Guatemalan history and human rights in the region, spanning a broad array of topics from Guatemala’s armed conflict between 1960 and 1996 to the sexually transmitted disease experiments performed at the behest of the United States government in the 1940s.

UO faculty helped translate and publish a book and produced a film about the archive’s contents and its broad impact in Guatemalan society and beyond in the struggle to promote human rights and prevent future genocide.


  • Gabriela Martinez, UO School of Journalism and Communication, “Documenting the Documents: The Making of Keep Your Eyes On Guatemala.
  • Carlos Aguirre, UO Department of History, “Archives, Memory, and Human Rights: The Case of Guatemala’s AHPN.”
  • June Black, JSMA, Assistant Curator for the Arts of the Americas and Europe, “Teaching Human Rights through Photography.”
  • Chair: Carlos Aguirre, UO Department of History