2008-2009 Events

April 16, 2009—Sarah Cribbs (Department of Sociology, UO). CLLAS Grantee Presentation, “Immigration and Health Care.”

June 4, 2009—Ramona Hernandez (Center for Dominican Studies, CUNY) “Dominican Migration to the United States: Consistency and Changes from Ellis Island to Washington Heights.” CLLAS Public seminar and discussion as part of series, “Putting Latino/a Studies and Latin American Studies in Conversation.”

April 29, 2009—Lourdes Portillo (independent film maker), presentation “A Glimpse of Latin America through the films of Lourdes Portillo.” CLLAS Public seminar and discussion as part of series, “Putting Latino/a Studies and Latin American Studies in Conversation.” Co-sponsored with CSWS, Ethnic Studies, other departments.

February 20, 2009—Carrie Ann Tracy (Northwest Federation of Community Organizations), Irmary Reyes-Santos (Department of Ethnic Studies, UO) and Daniel Martinez HoSang (Department of Ethnic Studies, UO) CLLAS Grantee Presentation, “Shaping the Public Debate Over Immigration Policy: Popular Education in the Classroom and Community”

January 30, 2009—Frances Aparicio (University of Illinois, Chicago), “Reading the Latino in Latino Studies; Perspectives from Chicago.” CLLAS Public Seminar as part of series “Putting Latino/a and Latin American Studies in Conversation.”

January 22, 2009—CLLAS Grantee Presentation: Documentation of Huambisa and Aguaruna, two languages of the Peruvian AmazonPresenter: Jaime Peña -Linguistics Department, UO

November 17, 2008—CLLAS Grantee Presentation: Psychosocial Stress, Health and Lifestyle Change among Latino Immigrant Farmworkers in Oregon Presenters: Heather McClure – Oregon Social Learning Center–Latino Research Team and OSLC interns from the University of Oregon:Keshia Baker (psychology) and Sara Epstein (anthropology); ;Laura Isiordia – Farmworker Housing Development Corporation; Josh Snodgrass – anthropology, University of Oregon

November 5, 2008—CLLAS Grantee Presentation: (Political) Being and Authenticity: The Philosophy of Race and the Possible Foundations for a ‘Hispanic Citizenship?’Presenter: Grant Silva – Philosophy Department, UO

The link between Latin American philosophy and Social Political thought is the question of citizenship and national identity. In this presentation the ways in which race is ingrained into the conceptions of “Americans” will be explored. Silva uses the idea of ‘estadounidense’ (citizen of the U.S. or “unitedstatesian”) as his springboard.

October 31, 2008—Symposium. From Che to Ramona to Evo: Leftist Political Cultures in Latin America, 1960s-2000s. Co-sponsored with Latin American Studies, Savage Endowment.

October 23, 2008—Latino/a & Latin Americans in the U.S.: Clear and Present Dangers
Presenters: Rosaura Sánchez (Department of Literature, UCSD)and Beatrice Pita (Department of Literature, UCSD).Reading for discussion: Sánchez and Pita, “Theses on the Latino Bloc: A Critical Perspective,” Aztlán: A Journal of Chicano Studies 31(2): 25-52, fall 2006.

Part of CLLAS series, “Putting Latino/a Studies and Latin American Studies in Conversation”

April 10, 2008—Lecture by Charles Hale, “Take the Money and Run?  NGOs, Afro-Indigenous Politics, and the Return of the Left in Latin America”  Public lecture by Prof. Charles Hale, of the University of Texas.  Co-sponsored by CLLAS, Latin American Studies, and the Association of Anthropology Graduate Students.

Conference on Violence and Reconciliation in Latin America: Human Rights, Memory, and Democracy

January 31 – February 2, 2008—An international conference co-sponsored by CLLAS, the Latin American Studies Program, the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics, The Savage Endowment for International Relations and Peace, and the College of Arts and Science.  All panels, in addition to the keynote speeches by Arturo Arias, Arturo Escobar and Greg Grandin, are free and open to the public.

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