Community Affiliates

The purpose of having community affiliates is to help CLLAS maintain strong connections with organizations outside the university that are doing community work that supports the CLLAS mission. Community affiliates are invited and selected by the executive board and CLLAS’s director, associate director, and assistant director based on how they help CLLAS meet its mission as it relates to community engagement.  CLLAS will collaborate with community affiliates in applying for external grants and creating programming with mutual benefits for both CLLAS and its community affiliates. Community affiliates will also serve to provide guidance to the CLLAS executive board, the director, associate, and assistant director on programming goals and strategies that further CLLAS’s commitment to Latino communities in Oregon. Community affiliates work in an advisory capacity with CLLAS staff and the executive board.

Community organizations that support the work of CLLAS:

Centro Latino Americano

Huerto de la Familia

Juventud Faceta

Latin American Solidarity Committee (LASC)

League of United Latin American Citizens of Lane County (LULAC)

Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN)

SELCO Community Credit Union