Afro-Descendant and Indigenous Peoples

Afro-Descendant and Indigenous Peoples in the Americas

This research action project focuses on historical and contemporary issues of concern to Afro-Descendant and Indigenous Peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, whether living in their homeland or in diaspora throughout the Americas. The RAP includes artists and scholars interested in bringing attention to such issues through collaboration with these Afro-descendant and indigenous communities.

AY 2015-16: During Winter and Spring 2016 quarters, the Research Action Project on Afro-descendant and Indigenous Issues organized a Works-In-Progress Series. Professors from the University of Oregon and Portland State University presented drafts of their current research and received feedback from peers. Topics included everyday experiences of racism in Latin America, Mam refugees and gender violence, styles of Blackness in Chilean border music, and Nature being given legal rights in Ecuador. The sessions were generally well attended, with participation from the public in the Q & A. project project

In AY 2014-15, RAP members led by Alai Reyes-Santos (Ethnic Studies), helped coordinate an exhibition of photographs taken by activists in the Dominican Republic that helped focus on the stateless situation of Black Dominicans of Haitian descent (see description of in Archived RAP Projects). This year, we are supporting a Works-In-Progress series of lectures in the hopes of growing this community of researchers and scholars engaging the social, political, historical, and cultural experiences of Latin@ and Latin American indigenous and Afro-descendant communities.

Project Coordinator: Juan Eduardo “Ed” Wolf, Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology, UO School of Music and Dance

Archived RAP Projects

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