Latinos and the 2016 Election: Policies, issues, and action

May 13, 2016
4:00 pmto7:00 pm

Location: TBD

Latinos and the 2016 Election: Policies, issues, and action

Opening Reception: 4 – 4:30 pm

Opening Talk: 4:40 – 5:30 pm     

  • The current nature of the Latino electorate and the issues that are most relevant to this constituency.
  • The front-runners for the presidential candidates and their respective policies (historical and projected) on immigration.

Break-out Sessions: 5:30 – 6:30 pm

  • Gender and immigration
  • Immigration / deportation
  • Youth–Millennial voting

Closing remarks: 6:30 – 7 pm

Story of child immigrants goes uncovered, grad student finds

CLLAS hosts a talk by Ricardo Valencia, SOJC doctoral candidate, at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 27, in Room 125 McKenzie Hall.

Source: Story of child immigrants goes uncovered, grad student finds | Around the O

Ricardo Valencia

Ricardo Valencia

January 20, 2016—“For doctoral candidate Ricardo Valencia, awareness is the primary takeaway he hopes people will get from his upcoming talk on how American media have covered the recent surge of unaccompanied children entering the country from Central America.

“To prepare for his talk, ‘At the Border: A comparative analysis of U.S. newspaper reporting about unaccompanied immigrant children,’ Valencia — who was born and raised in El Salvador — spent last summer studying hundreds of articles and news sources from four U.S. newspapers with national syndication. He found that news coverage of Central American children coming to the United States was scarce, and Valencia believes that needs to change. › Continue reading

CLLAS Executive Board member June Black accepts new position in Boise

January 6, 2016—CLLAS executive board member June Black is leaving the University of Oregon for a new position as associate curator of art at the Boise Art Museum, in Boise, Idaho. A former CLLAS graduate teaching fellow, June has been active with the CLLAS Human Rights and Social Memory in Latin America research action project (RAP) and has provided strong leadership in featuring artists on campus from Latin America, and in providing teacher training in the arts. She has worked at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art since graduating from UO in 2012. Her current position at JSMA is associate curator for academic programs and the arts of the Americas and Europe. While we at CLLAS will miss June’s invaluable contribution to the Latin@ and Latin American Studies community here at UO, we wish her all the best in her new well-deserved position.

Grant Writing Workshop for graduate students

January 14, 2016
12:00 pmto1:30 pm




Jane Grant Room
330 Hendricks Hall
1408 University St.

2016 Call for Grad Proposals

CLLAS Graduate Student 2016 Summer Research Grants are due at noon on Feb. 5, 2016.

To read about the work done by past recipients, go to the Funding page at: and follow links to sub-pages.



“From Dictatorship to the Digital: Contexts for Reading Junot Díaz’s ‘Oscar Wao’,” public lecture by Elena Machado Sáez

January 14, 2016
3:30 pmto5:20 pm

Pacific Hall 123
1025 University St.
UO campus

a Public Lecture by Elena Machado Sáez, Professor of English, Bucknell University  

Caribbean diasporic historical fiction is intimately wedded to the present, informed by the interrelated systems of globalization and multiculturalism. The postcolonial imperative of ethically depicting Caribbean history and subjectivities comes into conflict with the horizon of expectation created by reader reception, and this creative tension inspires the market aesthetics of Caribbean diasporic writing. Reading Junot Díaz as part of a transnational literary trend that troubles the relationship between ethnic writers and their audiences, Machado Sáez analyzes how the novel of Oscar Wao imagines the encounter with the reader in terms of the irreconcilability of gender and sexuality. The first half of the presentation will discuss how Yunior’s dictation of Oscar’s desires is contextualized by the Dominican diaspora’s inheritance of dictatorship. The second half of the presentation will focus on the digital horizons of marginalia that form part of the novel’s reception, especially online annotation projects dedicated to translating Oscar Wao. › Continue reading

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