Gentrification: In Portland, as in Spike Lee’s Brooklyn, a complicated question of race and class

Gerardo Sandoval writes about the revitalization of the MacArthur Park area of Los Angeles in his book.

Gerardo Sandoval writes about the revitalization of the MacArthur Park area of Los Angeles in his book.

Gentrification: In Portland, as in Spike Lee’s Brooklyn, a complicated question of race and class |

CLLAS associate director Gerardo Sandoval is one of several experts consulted by The Oregonian for an article that explores gentrification in Portland and around the country. Sandoval, an assistant professor in the Department of Planning, Public Policy & Management at the University of Oregon, is quoted extensively in the article, which is archived on (March 7, 2014). Sandoval, who wrote a book about the successful revitalization efforts in the MacArthur Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, where he grew up, is quoted as saying that through policy tools such as inclusionary zoning, it is possible to revitalize an area without pushing out an entire class of people.

MacArthur Park, he said, “was a rough area in the 1980s, the center of drug activity, a lot of homicides, a lot of drug violence. Today, it’s a vibrant urban place, dense, linked to regional transportation, good access to a bus line, very walkable, strong public spaces. They managed to do it without forcing all the Latino folks out.” › Continue reading

PCUN Documentary Project

May 8, 2014
3:30 pmto5:00 pm

Erb Memorial Union
Walnut Room

CLLAS Faculty / Collaborative Research Grantee Presentation

with Phil Scher, associate professor, UO Department of Anthropology, and James Daria

This project involves the production of a multilingual documentary film in collaboration with the Pineros y Campesino Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN) and the development and launch of an accompanying website.

Transnational Americas Series “Crossing Mexico: Violence and the Commodification of Central American Migrants”

May 14, 2014
4:00 pmto5:30 pm

125 McKenzie Hall
1101 Kincaid St.
UO campus

A Presentation by Wendy Vogt

Wendy Vogt is the third speaker for the Transnational Americas series. She is an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis.

“Women in War: The Case of El Salvador,” with Jocelyn Viterna

May 15, 2014
3:30 pmto4:50 pm

Women in WarLawrence 166
1190 Franklin Blvd.
UO campus

Waging war has historically been an almost exclusively male endeavor. Yet over the past several decades, women have joined insurgent armies in significant and surprising numbers. Why do women become guerrilla insurgents? What experiences do they have in guerrilla armies? What are the consequences of this participation for the women themselves and the societies in which they live?

Jocelyn Viterna, an associate professor of sociology at Harvard University, answers these questions while providing a rare look at guerrilla life from the viewpoint of rank-and-file participants. Using data from 230 in-depth interviews with men and women guerrillas, guerrilla supporters, and non-participants in rural El Salvador, she investigates why some women were able to channel their wartime actions into post-war gains, and how those patterns differ from the benefits that accrued to men. › Continue reading

“Reviving a History of Inequality in Immigration,” a New York Times article by UO professor Daniel Tichenor

Reviving a History of Inequality in Immigration –

New York Times, February 4, 2014—an article by Daniel Tichenor, a professor of political science at the University of Oregon and a senior fellow at the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics.

Documentary by Gabriela Martínez to be shown during Border Film Week at the University of San Diego

DVD_Guatemala_WEBBorder Film Week – Events at the University of San Diego

Journalism professor and CLLAS advisory board member Gabriela Martínez has been invited to screen her documentary Keep Your Eyes On Guatemala for the Border Film Week Series organized by the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace & Justice at the University of San Diego. The documentary will be screened on March 26 and Martínez will attend the screening and do Q/A.

Keep Your Eyes On Guatemala (RT 54 min.) tells the story of Guatemala’s National Police Historical Archive (Archivo Histórico de la Policia Nacional—AHPN) intertwined with narratives of past human rights abuses and the dramatic effects they had on specific individuals and the nation as a whole. In addition, it highlights present-day efforts to preserve collective memories and bring justice and reconciliation to the country.

The film is the result of a collaboration between academic units at the University of Oregon and AHPN. With funding support from the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC), and other campus units, Carlos Aguirre and Gabriela Martínez (associate professor, UO School of Journalism and Communication), are heading up a series of projects for UO. › Continue reading

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