2018 Grant Recipients

2018-19 CLLAS Graduate Student Research Grants

• “Migration Industry in Oregon: How Contractors Define Living and Labor Conditions of Farmworkers.” Diego Contreras, Sociology.

• “Promotoras de Salud: Addressing Environmental Racism in Southern California.” Cristina Faiver-Sema, Geography.

• “Latinx Theatre Commons’ 2018 Carnaval of New Latinx Work.”  Olga Sanchez, Theatre Arts.

2018-19 CLLAS Faculty Collaboration Research Grants

• “Why Gwarayos Sing: Conservation of the Cultural and Natural Environment through Musical Ethno-education.” By Ed Wolf, Ethnomusicology and Derrick Hindery, International Studies and Geography.

Studies have shown that one territory entitled to a community of the Gwarayo Indigenous peoples of Bolivia has the most conserved forest in the region, suggesting that the Gwarayo have cultural knowledge that empowers their community to engage holistically with their ecological surroundings. At least one Gwarayo leader from this community is interested in making sure that the traditional music and dance that has helped impart these values to community members is documented and becomes part of a formal education program for Gwarayo youth, directed by Gwarayos themselves. Derrick Hindery, associate professor of international studies, and Juan Eduardo Wolf, assistant professor of ethnomusicology, are embarking on a project to assist the Gwarayos make this ethno-education project a reality. This CLLAS grant supports the first step in developing the curriculum for this program by sponsoring the visit by Hindery and Wolf to the region to facilitate workshops with the Gwarayo elders. The workshops will be designed to understand what is important to these elders and what they would like the project to document. In turn, Hindery and Wolf believe that all of humanity will benefit from this work, as all are interconnected through ecological concerns. Preserving the forests on Gwarayo homelands helps to ensure all global peoples have greater access to clean air, water, and ecological diversity.

• “Visual Clave: The Expression of the Latino/a Experience Through Album Cover Art: 1940-1990.” Phil Scher, Anthropology, and Cheryl Hartup, JSMA.

2018-19 CLLAS Inaugural Latinx  Studies Seed Grant

• “A Child Should Not Long For Its Own Image: Literature and Visual Media for Queer Latinx Youth.” Ernesto Martinez, Associate Profesor, Ethnic Studies. Martínez’s proposal entails four components: (1) the production of the short film La Serenata; (2) the premier screening of the film at the University of Oregon, followed by a discussion with the director and fellow collaborators; (3) a community conversation about queer Latinx youth with teachers and parents in the Eugene/Springfield area; and (4) free distribution of the bilingual children’s book When We Love Someone, We Sing to Them to local schools, libraries, and community centers.

La Serenata is a film adaption of a children’s book that Martínez wrote, entitled When We Love Someone, We Sing to Them, which is forthcoming from Reflections Press. “Both the screenplay and the book,” Martínez said, “tell the story of a Mexican-American boy who learns from his parents about serenatas and why demonstrating romantic affection proudly, publicly, and through song is such a treasured Mexican tradition. One day, the boy asks his parents if there is a song for a boy who loves a boy. The parents, surprised by the question and unsure of how to answer, must decide how to honor their son and how to reimagine a beloved tradition.”

Martínez told CLLAS, “The film and the children’s book are a response to the lack of Latinx representation in contemporary cultural production for youth. For example, Latinxs constitute 18 percent of the U.S. population. However, only 2.9 percent of children’s books reflect Latinx communities.”

CLLAS plans to award one seed grant each academic year of up to $2,500 to support research or creative projects in Latinx Studies that fits within the CLLAS mission. Projects that include collaboration between UO units, involve the wider Eugene/Springfield, Oregon, or Latinx communities/organizations/institutions in the U.S. or propose other forms of community engagement are particularly welcome, but not required. 

2nd Year Tinker Foundation Grants

The Tinker Field Research Grants are open to students across all academic disciplines and graduate degree programs to assist master’s and doctoral students with travel and field-related expenses for brief periods of field research in Latin America. Administered by CLLAS, the grant program is funded by the Tinker Foundation, with matching funds from the UO Office of Academic Affairs and the Graduate School.

2018 – 2019 Recipients

• “Scientific Diplomacy as an Interdisciplinary Logic: A Case Study of the Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research.” Lourdes Ginart, Geography. 

• “Mass Media and Activism in Argentina.” Liam Machado, Art History.

• “Environmental Justice and the Local Effects of Glacier Melt: A Case Study in the Peruvian Cordillera Huayhuash.” Holly Moulton, Environmental Studies.

• “State Responses to Gendered Violence: Lessons Learned from a Comparative Case Study of Costa Rica and Guatemala.” Caitlin O’Quinn, Political Science. 

• “Indigeneity and mobilization: ¿How do collective identities of lowland indigenous nations in Bolivia influence their strategies to implement their right to self-determination and cultural promotion?” Maria Pomes Lorences, International Studies.  

• “Sounds of Power — Peruvian colonial pipe organs in the interplay of cultures.” Natascha Reich, Musicology. 

• “Indigenous Maya Labor in the World Heritage site of Chichén Itzá.” Sofia Vidal, Anthropology.


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